Critical infrastructure

Wireless digitalization of critical systems and supply chains require highly reliable and resilient communications. Cellular communications used in critical infrastructure represent an attractive target for potential attackers, and a serious risk for our societies.

TDCOMM’s anyG private cellular networks and MEC platforms provide resilience and reliability over a large coverage range, with low latency high and air-gapped security for indoor and outdoor facilities. Services are supported for both private and commercial SIM devices.

Whether critical to society, such as power generation and water, or critical to our economy, such as data centers, TDCOMMs platforms provide an additional layer of security, and a resilient communication solution should the unthinkable happen.

When used in combination with our partner product from Sensorz, we can offer a comprehensive solution for ensuring deep wireless observability and control and the ability to respond in near real-time to attacks or technical failure.


  • Simple to use by your existing IT and Operation teams, without additional training
  • Support routine and emergency communications
  • All in one wireless communications with common PTT across cellular and legacy devices
  • Advanced policy settings for optimizing performance, security and reducing communication costs
  • Security by virtual and physical segregation of wireless assets
  • RF and air interface visibility and security

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Critical infrastructure
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