The mine of today is being built on connectivity. And the foundation of that is cellular technology.
A private cellular network offers the most potential to transform mining operations by automating more processes, for example remote operations like autonomous haulers and drill rigs, plus the ability to monitor and automate heavy fixed assets.
This can potentially solve the mining industry’s ongoing challenges by helping to raise safety, reduce environmental impact, while still helping raise overall productivity.

By entering the new digital age can mining companies respond to their key challenges and map out a successful future.
Whether to cut costs or get more from existing mines, such as autonomous haulers, load-haul-dump vehicles and drill rigs to improve costs, enhance safety and improve sustainability.
Using TDCOMM robust wireless connectivity can handle the huge amounts of data and
voice communications that are mission critical to smart mining. Private cellular network introduces the high speed connectivity, low latency and strong performance optimized for the Internet of Things (IoT) required in a mine


  • Enabling remote operation and continuous asset location monitoring
  • Automation and the Internet of Things can keep miners out of harm’s way
  • Improve voice and data communications between workers and equipment deep underground, and operations staff on the surface
  • Continuously track the precise location of people, vehicles, and machinery
  • More efficient mining operations