Private Virtual Networks

Controlled communications

Designed for Zero-Trust, TDCOMM’s Private Virtual Network (PVN) enables organizations across government, CI and financial sectors to ensure the security of their distributed wireless connected devices, and networks, wherever they are.

TDCOMM PVN’s support complete customer hosting and control of the cellular communication chain, including device authentication and encryption, identity protection, intra and inter network communications.

Embedding TDCOMM’s network management layer, advanced monitoring and policy enforcement capabilities are supported, including application and service management, location and asset management, resource allocation and assurance, security and threat intelligence. PVN provides security from public network related risks such as 3rd party vendors and rouge employees, Air interface attacks and identity theft and better control and security from inter network attackers.


Infrastructure costs are minimized with TDCOMM PVN, supporting a range of configurations and network-based integrations such as MOCN, Roaming Network and Slicing.


  • Flexible architectures and slicing options
  • Intuitive network management, enabling performance, productivity and security optimization without specialized training
  • Local and remote network management – from the RF to the data
  • Edge PoP and applications included
  • Cross-technology support for turnkey wireless services, including 4G/5G, Wi-Fi and HF/VHF
  • Optimal security, including virtual segmentation, physical segmentation, data and air interface threat intelligence