Ports and Maritime

Digitalization is revolutionizing, productivity, safety and efficiency in modern ports. The extensive coverage area, harsh radio environments and the need for ultra-low latency call for cellular based data communications with mobile edge computing.

TDCOMM’s portfolio ensures high performance and ultra-secure networks across port facilities, including indoor, outdoor and edge locations in 4G and 5G. Network design integrating both complete edge core and MEC enables customers to benefit from operational continuity independent of backhaul disruption. Embedding network interconnection capabilities, TDCOMM enables operators to communicate across technologies, both with smart mobile and legacy RF devices.

The network is designed to ensure high levels of security and privacy, embedding data and air-interface threat detection.
TDCOMM’s solution is uniquely designed to simplify local management of the network with existing teams and support remote visibility for maintenance of wireless assets. TDCOMM network supports both private and public network SIMs enabling port authorities to offer value added services to a range of customers. Advanced network management enables customer group policy control of resources, security attributes and asset management.


  • Simple to use by your existing IT and Operation teams, without additional training
  • Support routine and emergency communications
  • All in one wireless communications with common PTT across cellular and legacy devices
  • Advanced monitoring and policy settings for optimizing performance, security communication costs and asset management
  • Security by virtual and physical segregation of wireless assets
  • RF and air interface visibility and security
  • New revenue generation opportunities with advanced network and security offering

Partnered with Sensorz for enabling remote visibility and centralized management of the wireless environment. Increasing security and reducing maintenance related costs.

Tdcomm for Ports