Industry 4.0

As digital technologies revolutionize the way industries, governments and societies operate, dependence on cellular communication is increasing. Industry 4.0 requires access to an uninterrupted and secure wireless service, with adequate bandwidth and resilience against vulnerabilities caused by accidental and intentional interference. TDCOMMS private cellular networks are purpose-designed to address this challenge.

Our anyG private cellular networks and MEC platforms provide resilience and reliability over a large coverage range, with low latency and high bandwidth for indoor and outdoor facilities. From manufacturing plants and logistics centers with autonomous transport and robotics, through business campuses and arenas, to Smart Cities – TDCOMM private cellular networks are enabling efficient uninterrupted, secure operations.

Implementing unique hybrid and MEC architectures, TDCOMM provides seamless services for both private and commercial SIM devices.


  • An all in one wireless management and control from VHF to cellular and Wi-Fi
  • Simple control of services and user groups
  • Security by virtual and physical segregation of wireless assets
  • Advanced, DPI enriched policies for ensuring performance, bandwidth, latency and security of dedicated user and device groups
  • RF and air interface visibility and security

Partnered with Sensorz for enabling remote visibility and centralized management of the wireless environment. Increasing security and reducing maintenance related costs.

Smart Logistics and Factory
Critical Infrastructure
Logistics Centers and Manufacturing