Mobile EDGE & Campus

Enabling wireless digitalization for Industry 4.0, rural or high-performance driven venues, TDCOMM Campus Networks and MEC (Mobile Edge Computing) harness the power of advanced cellular technology to provide resilient, high performance, Ultra Low Latency and privatized communications with full customer control.

Our edge networks embed multiple architectures in a single, slice supported platform, including complete independent edge cores, MEC for select user plane traffic termination and hybrid networks for a mix of public and private network services.

Understanding the flexible needs of our customers and the need to support side by side legacy applications, TDCOMM supports multi-technology services with xG cellular, including 5G NSA/SA, Wi-Fi and classic VHF/UHF systems such as P-25, Tetra and LMR.

Finally, TDCOMM’s management platform enables existing customer or SI teams to operate efficiently the networks, with no advanced training needed. Operational teams can easily manage subscribers and enforce policies to enhance network experiences, optimize business outputs, perform asset management, and reduce network OPeX. Security teams benefit from high network security and privacy, with full physical and virtual device segregation, DPI based traffic monitoring and threat intelligence on both the data and Air interface planes.

Supporting both edge and centralized management, organizations can benefit from either local or remote management, including cross organization policy settings, report generation and NOC/SOC control.


  • Flexible architectures and slicing options
  • Intuitive network management, enabling performance, productivity and security optimization without specialized training
  • Local and remote network management – from the RF to the data
  • Edge PoP and applications included
  • Cross-technology support for turnkey wireless services, including 4G/5G, Wi-Fi and HF/VHF
  • Optimal security, including virtual segmentation, physical segmentation, data and air interface threat intelligence