Military and Defense

Private LTE and 5G are becoming the standard for wideband high-speed data platforms in military organizations around the world, providing high availability, secure situational awareness with voice, video, imagery, GNSS, and a range of applications.

TDCOMM provides high performance, resilient and secure networks that are simple to manage and with complete network ownership, optimizing operations and continuity from the base to the battlefield.

TDCOMM’s military product range span from tactical, rapid deployable networks for combat and logistical operations, to fixed site networks and complete Private Virtual Networks.

TDCOMM can also be used for managed access to recreational and civilian communications and supports license enhancements for intelligence applications with export control approval.


  • Complete data ownership and communication security by the organization
  • Policy enforcement and monitoring of inter-network traffic
  • Comprehensive threat intelligence
  • Virtual and physical segregation of wireless assets
  • Simple to set-up and scale, license based
  • Public and private cloud compatible
Military and Defense